Jérôme Sebille


Urban Escapism

Taking a different stance to the regular is what makes life more exciting and finding mystery amongst the seemingly urban and discovered, is how Parisian angler Jérôme Sebille views his angling. Choosing to dive into the depths of the River Seine is what enchants Jérôme, but it’s far more than just “Street Fishing”.

“I am 32 years old and live in the heart of Paris. I learned to fish with my father from the age of 3 years old and it is now 20 years since I started carp fishing.

For many years I have been fishing the River Seine trying to track down the beautiful fish that it holds, and the ‘Street Fishing’ is for me much more than a passion. The environment, the people and the concrete jungle is what really excites me and this is where I met my good friend Alexis Dugast who I have shared some magical moments with.

I am not a fan of commercial fisheries, but love a challenge and stalking. The weight of the fish is secondary to me and the main thing is to forget every day Parisian life by practicing my passion, this is my philosophy.”