Carp Fishing Sunglasses

Fortis Eyewear Products Polarised Fishing Sunglasses

Fortis Eyewear produce carp fishing sunglasses and is formed from a collective of individuals from carp anglers and specimen hunters to fly fisherman and sea anglers. We strive to develop & manufacture superior quality fishing sunglasses for fellow carp fishers. With the help of the Fortis Eyewear team our products are developed with a serious amount of experience.

There is no other carp fishing sunglasses company in the industry comprising such a superb team of carp anglers. Even the telephone operators are dedicated carp fanatics.

We are all out fishing for carp every day; either tying up rigs for our next trip, photographing magazine contents for all the top carp fishing magazines or out in pursuit for that next monster.

Each pair of carp fishing sunglasses have been designed for a reason, unlike many. Our ethos is that we are innovators and create products to help the carp angler, not just to make sales.

With such a respected team of capable carp anglers, each product goes through a long, fieldtesting stage to iron any early teething problems. Not just Fortis Eyewear employees but also the Fortis Eyewear collective carp fishing team get to use it too – and with names such as Gareth Fareham, Giovanni Vanhooren, Terry Demspey & Jerry Hammond on board, you know that they’ll be perfect for the job, and ultra reliable.

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