Techlite Compact


Since launching the sleeping bag over two Winters ago, Fortis have been inundated with requests for a “Compact” sized Techlite, to meet the demands of the angler travelling as light as physically possible without compromising on quality or comfort. Snugpak, with their 30+ years of military sleeping bag experience, and Fortis, who have recently styled some of the most sort after winter clothing have joined together once again to bring to you the Compact Techlite.

Handmade from start to finish in the UK, the Techlite sleeping bag boasts all the features of a traditional military bag but is manufactured with the tweaks needed to suit the overnight angler. The most noticeable difference to a regular high performance Snugpak bag is that it is not a ‘mummy’ style shape and will attach to your bedchair, something that the anglers who have sourced bag’s from the outdoor field have often struggled with. The Techlite has elasticated hoods top and bottom. There is a sizeable internal draft baffle running alongside the crash zips either side of the bag for added heat retention, and an additional one up near the neck area.

Weighing in less than 2.5kg, the Techlite is the warmest to weight ratio bag on the fishing market and the minimalist design is manufactured to cut weight, but not warmth. The sleeping bag contains the Snugpak Softie Premier® insulation, which has kept soldiers and climbers warm for decades. The Techlite has a removable top layer, which can be zipped back on when the temperature starts to drop. This feature provides warmth right through the most extreme winter conditions and will give the bag its cold weather insulation. When the top layer is removed, the bag weighs less than 2kg and carries a 3 season rating to keep you warm through Spring to Autumn.

It’s supreme pack down ability will allow it to fold into any compact bedchair with ease and also comes supplied in a compression sack if you like to keep things separate. Just like Snugpak’s famous outdoor clothing, the paratex micro fabric is highly breathable and windproof so you will not sweat, nor feel any drafts.
The bag has been hand crafted to fit the ‘Compact’ popular range of bedchairs like the Trakker Compact Levelite, Compact RLX6, Wychwood Compact Tactical and others.

Dimensions – 195cm x 80cm. 2.47kg

Available in:
Olive: £229.95
DPM: £249.95

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