Roderick Langeveld


Enter the Wild

Everyone involved with Fortis Eyewear shares the same enthusiasm for the great outdoors. It’s the spirit of adventure and diving into the unknown that keeps us freshly motivated. So, when Roderick Langeveld was brought to our attentions we couldn’t help but be sparked by his infectious energy for exploration. We’ll leave the words to Roderick as we couldn’t have put it better!

For me fishing is one big adventure. It guides me through life and makes me travel all over the world. Fishing is something that’s in my system the whole day, week, month and year. It’s way beyond catching carp. Just being out there at so many different venues is something that’s keeps me going. I prefer the unknown and like to find my own pad and discover new things and new secrets. It empties my head and recharges my batteries. Alone or with real friends, far away from my boring obligations that I still desperately need to finance new adventures.

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