See deeper with Fortis Eyewear and our brand new prescription service. It is now possible to sport the latest Fortis Eyewear frames and have the highest quality polarised fishing lenses tailored to your own prescription. No longer will there be a need to place large uncomfortable overfit glasses over your normal prescription frames. Fortis Eyewear are proud to offer a wide range of lenses including bifocal, varifocal & single vision options.

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Ordering your very own prescription polarised fishing sunglasses has never been easier, simply fill in our easy to follow order form below. A member of our specialised team will be in touch to tailor make your prescription and talk you through all lens choices to ensure you get the perfect pair of sunglasses. Alternatively call the lab and one of our prescription specialists will talk you through the process. Please call 0203 441 6495

The optician is legally obliged to provide you with a copy of your prescription after your eye test. If they don’t give you this, make sure you ask them.

Your prescription must be no older than two years. Your recommended intervals between eye tests vary depending on your age and health.

Your PD is the distance between your eyes, measured between the centre of your pupils. For a pair of glasses to perform as well as possible, the lenses need to be made to match this distance between your eyes, so that the centre of each lens aligns with the centre of your pupils. This is important if you have a high-strength prescription or require varifocals for example.

Why is it important that I have my PD?

Very occasionally, people with strong prescriptions and whose pupillary distance diverges significantly from the average, may experience problems with glasses made using an average PD measurement. An incorrect PD won't harm the eyes but may cause discomfort or strain which would be noticeable upon wearing the glasses.

Usually the optician will not include this with your prescription, so you should ask your optician for your PD following your eye test. As a reference adult PD's are between 55mm & 73mm. For men the average is 65mm & for women the average is 62mm. It is possible to measure your own PD, simply follow the instructions below:

How to measure a friend's distance PD:
1. Sit opposite your friend at arm's distance apart.
2. Place a ruler on the bridge of your friend's nose.
3. Close your right eye and look directly into your friend's right eye. Your friend should look into your open eye.
4. Note the measurement from the centre of the ruler to the centre of your friend's pupil in millimeters.
5. Repeat with your other eye open.
6. Add the numbers together to work out your friend's PD measurement.

Our Polarised Prescription Lenses are produced in the following colours: Grey, Brown, Amber, Green, Rose & Blue. Our lenses are crafted from a hard resin plastic maintaining high optical clarity, superb polarisation & excellent chemical resistance. *Please note our prescriptions lenses are not available with graduated finish.

Grey - reduces the light intensity without affecting the colour spectrum. Relatively neutral and clear, which is why it is suitable for long-term wearing without putting an excessive load on the eye. Considered a great choice for fishermen in medium to bright light conditions.

Brown - a lens that has substantial contrast definition. These are perfect for picking out objects in water and why the majority of our lenses utilise this colour. They are great for low to bright light conditions. The most popular colour choice and highly recommended by the Fortis collective.

Green - A superb all round lens providing a degree of contrast. This lens offers maximum glare reduction without distorting colours.

XBlok Technology - Helps decrease levels of glare, whilst looking great. Style your shades with a reflective coating of your choice, available colours include:

Blue XBlok- Absorbs reflections across a mirrored surface offering additional glare block.
Gold XBlok- Highest contrast with additional glare block.
Silver XBlok- Strong glare reduction ideal in very bright conditions.

AR Coating- Our Anti-Reflective coatings provide extra glare elimination for ultimate clarity of vision, whilst remaining understated. *AR Coatings are less visible to the eye and do not have a mirrored effect.

Prices vary dependant on the type of lens and prescription required.
As a rough guide please see the below:
Aviators starting from £159.99
Bays starting from £189.99
Hawkbill starting from £209.99
Strokes starting from £189.99
Vistas starting from £209.99
Wraps starting from £179.99

Add Mirror Coating +£30
Add MAR Coating +£15

Sunglasses Size Guide UK Fortis Eyewear Frame Length
[newtable sort="desc,asc" colalign="center|center|center|center|center"] Model,Frame (mm),Bridge (mm),Temple (mm), Weight (g) Aviators,141,23,134,21 Bays,143,24,128,29 Essentials,139,16,121,20 Hawkbill,139,15,140,35 Isolators,142,15,110,35 OverWraps,164,15,136,35 Strokes,136,26,132,25 Vistas,143,24,128,30 Wraps,140,21,114,23 [/newtable]