Big Carp Marcus

Angling to me is more than just catching fish it's capturing those special moments, the sunrise's, sunset's, sitting by the river with the sun sparkling on the moving water, the feel of a bite on your finger tip's when touch ledgering or when your sat watching the lake come to life for a new day and one of the main things for me is when your mate's catch and spending that special moment with them. Obviously when you do finally bag the one you've been pursuing that feeling is immense.

Positivity, confidence and friends are all major part of angling for me, I always try and stay as positive as I can life is to short for all that negativity. Confidence is just as important you gotta be confident in what your doing and the most important thing is your friends, they are there when things are not going right and there to enjoy the moment when it doe's.

Angling is a life journey so enjoy every moment you will only get to live it once.