Myles Gibson is one of the most consistent big fish catchers out there. Bred in the North West, he cut his teeth on the notoriously difficult meres and hasn’t looked back since! Myles’ determination and resilience mean no matter how tough the water, no Carp is safe. It was when he started fishing Redesmere, where Myles caught his first 30, a fish double his age and known as the Pretty One where the buzz really took hold. However, most of his fishing in the last 8 or so years has involved lots of traveling. From waters in the midlands, Cotswolds, Oxford then off to Cambridge and now more recently the longest drive of all, Reading. Myles tries to fish three nights a week most weeks and works in a tackle shop the other 4 days.

“I’ve fished hard this way for as long as I can remember, the drive and buzz only ever gets stronger, It’s like a drug, each special capture is a huge sense of eurphoria! But when it’s one that’s taken years of graft or one you have had to go that extra mile for, every biggun has its own story and it’s that adventure along the way I love. I've met some truly life long friends along the way.”