Colne Valley angler Oli, spends just as much of his time behind the camera lens as he does in front of it. Working in a media/journalistic role at Nash Tackle, Oli has a amazing talent for capturing the moment, evidence of which can be found in the pages of most top UK angling publications. His opportunistic and highly visual approach to fishing makes him a valuable member of the team.

“I love fishing, and I love photography. Luckily for me the two go hand in hand and I get to indulge both my passions as part of my job and I’m just as happy capturing a beautiful image as I am a special fish. For me, fishing isn’t just about what you catch, its enjoying your time on the bank and learning about your quarry, the wildlife and the environment. I try to keep my own fishing varied, targeting various species including barbel, chub, perch as well as carp of all sizes. We seem to have become obsessed with worshipping size, but to me how a fish looks is more important than how big it is and my personal best fish isn’t the heaviest I have caught. Although I get to spend plenty of time on the bank, my own fishing time is limited so I try and make the most of every opportunity for a quick bite. I’m happiest sight fishing, either with floaters or stalking. There is nothing more exciting than watching big carp feeding up over a carefully laid trap in the edge. Watching them at close quarters is also the best way to learn about how carp feed, how they react and deal with our rigs, and their own individual habits, so during the summer months I dedicate my efforts to this type of fishing rather than the bait and wait approach.”