I've been fishing for as long as i can remember, starting out on local farm ponds and park lakes near my home in the North West and more recently traveling further afield down south to fish the lovely gravel pits they are graced with. My favorite style of angling is stalking, all my fishing is based on location, this for me is rule number one under fish care which is obviously a given. I see fishing as hunting, i like to find the fish in their little hiding holes and study their behaviors and slowly develop a plan on how to outwit them.

I much prefer to get stuck into campaigns and singularly targeting a specific big carp but more recently i have been moving around from lake to lake and enjoying my fishing using all manor of approaches whilst also doing tuition's. Although i do love this i can feel my passion of big carp burning inside me and have no doubt in my mind i will settle into another campaign next year, watch this space...