Aftercare Pack


An Easy To Use, Safe, High Performance Waterproofing

Grab an Aftercare Pack to clean & protect your Snugpak & Fortis Outerwear products.
Pack includes:
1x 300ml Tech Wash (Green Lid)
1x 300ml TX Direct Wash-In (Purple Lid)
1x Postage – FREE

Price: £10.50

*UK Delivery ONLY
Full Washing Instructions Below

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WASH some breathability and water repellency back into your beloved Snugpak, Marine Liner Or Marine Jacket/Trousers! Prolong all your technical garments such as SJ9’s, Techlites or grubby Salopettes which are built to last a lifetime by popping them into the machine. Load in some Nikwax and set the machine on a cool gentle setting to enhance the performance and make it as good as new. Naturally over time the fabric becomes dirty with mud, slime and oils from your skin. Removing this residue from your garment will unblock the fabric and renew the breathability so it wicks moisture away from your body, and importantly stay warm and dry. We use Nikwax which is an environmentally friendly and water based solution. Do not be tempted to use detergents! Set your washing machine to no more than 30’c (84F) and do not spin or tumble dry. We encourage washing when done correctly!


1.  Remove all detergent build up from the detergent dispenser.

2. Place items in front loading washing machine (maximum two items).

3. Use 3 full caps (150ml) of the GREEN Tech Wash in medium/hard water areas or 2 full caps (100ml) in soft water areas.

4. Wash on a slow cycle at 30’c.

5. Wash again straight away with 3 full caps (150ml) of the PURPLE TX. Direct Wash-In in medium/hard water areas or 2 full caps (100ml) in soft water areas.

6. Hang to dry.

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