Elements Boots


An Extreme Weather Thermal Boot Designed For The Coldest Conditions

A highly comfortable, completely waterproof insulated boot which offers unrivalled warmth and protection in the colder months. These fishing wellies will keep your feet warm down to -60’F (-51’C) thanks to the 5 layer removable liner. The boot is constructed with premium high grade rubber that seals out moisture and adds flexibility for added comfort. The outsole features an aggressive tread that will keep you moving over any terrain. The liner is developed to incorporate 5 layers which insulates, evacuates moisture and combats the cold.

We have earned a reputation for bringing unrivalled warmth to anglers for quite a few years now. Our best selling SJ9 jackets, Salopettes and Elements range of clothing has made winter fishing a joy when the temperatures drop… but there was one part of the jigsaw missing… It’s hard to keep feet warm without the appropriate footwear. That’s why we’ve developed the Elements Boot.
•  Waterproof rubber boot
•  Removable 5 layer boot liner
•  Comfort rated to -60’F (-51’C)
•  Drawcord adjustable snow/rain skirt
•  Heel kick to aid removal
•  Reinforced toe & heel for increased durability
•  Double density outsole for support & warmth
•  Aggressive tread for all terrains
•  Sizes 7-12

Warmth: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
Lightweight: 2.5 out of 5.0 stars
Water Protection: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
Breathability: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

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Price: £119.99

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UK & EU Sizing

UK 7 = EUR41
UK 8 = EUR42
UK 9 = EUR43
UK 10 = EUR44-45
UK 11 = EUR46
UK 12 = EUR47

Elements Boots: The Ultimate Fishing Wellington Boots

Extreme Weather Protection for Dedicated Anglers

Introducing the Elements Boots, a pair of extreme weather thermal fishing wellies designed to keep your feet warm and dry in the coldest conditions. These boots offer unrivalled warmth and protection, ensuring your comfort during those chilly winter fishing trips.

Premium Construction for Maximum Durability

Constructed with high-grade rubber, these insulated fishing wellies seal out moisture while providing flexibility for added comfort. The reinforced toe and heel increase durability, making these boots perfect for any terrain or weather condition.

Superior Insulation for Unrivalled Warmth

Thanks to the 5-layer removable liner, these boots will keep your feet warm down to -60’F (-51’C). This unique liner insulates, evacuates moisture, and combats the cold, making these boots the best fishing wellies for winter angling.

Aggressive Tread for All Terrains

Featuring an aggressive tread on the double-density outsole, the Elements Boots offer support, warmth, and excellent traction on all terrains. Whether you’re fishing by a river or a lake, these mens fishing wellies will keep you steady on your feet.

Practical Features for Effortless Use

The fisherman wellies come with a drawcord adjustable snow/rain skirt and a heel kick to aid removal, making them practical and easy to use.

Key Features of the Elements Boots

  • Waterproof rubber construction
  • Removable 5-layer boot liner
  • Comfort rated to -60’F (-51’C)
  • Drawcord adjustable snow/rain skirt
  • Heel kick for easy removal
  • Reinforced toe & heel for increased durability
  • Double-density outsole for support & warmth
  • Aggressive tread for all terrains
  • Available in sizes 7-12

As our motto goes… Stay Warmer!

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