A Cult Classic Just Got More Carpy

The legendary Clipper lighter has got the Fortis treatment. Standing the test of time, Clippers are as much a part of carp fishing as a cup of tea.

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This Refillable Clipper becomes your endless light source.

Flipper: The Ultimate Carp Fishing Lighter for Every Angler

A Cult Classic Reimagined

Introducing the Flipper, a carp fishing lighter that gives a new twist to the legendary Clipper lighter. With the Fortis treatment, this classic tool becomes an indispensable part of every angler’s gear.

Standing the Test of Time

Clippers have stood the test of time, becoming as much a part of carp fishing as a cup of tea. Now, with the Flipper, we’re taking this tradition one step further.

Essential Tool for Every Angler

Whether you need to light a fire for a warm brew on a chilly morning or create a cozy campfire for late-night storytelling, the Flipper carp lighter is your reliable light.

Key Features of the Flipper

  • Based on the legendary Clipper design
  • Enhanced with the Fortis treatment
  • An essential part of every carp fishing adventure

Stay Lit!

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