Fishing has always been in my blood, enheritate from my grandfather I was the only one in the family that shared his passion. Every summer holidays 2 weeks were spent at my grandparents and every morning I went fishing with my grandfather. I had a small bicycle and a fishing rod over there and at dusk we drove to the local ponds and canals. I can still smell the early morning air to this day and it will always stay with me every session, wherever I go.

Since those early days, fishing became my major hobby, slowly into an obsession after discovering the carp. The obsession slowed down a bit after I met my girlfriend offcourse and even more when we got married and got 2 beautifull kids. But that’s only logical in my opinion as you simply have to dedive the time you’ve got and its only fair to your family. And when hobby became work, even more fishing time went down the tube… So the precious time I do get the chance to go fishing its still as exciting as all those years ago. The anticipation and the joy before a session still gives me such a thrill.

Someone once said: “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” And that’s exactly how I feel about it. I can really look forward into a session, and that makes it a lot easier when Im not able to do the overnighter I used to do. I simply have to plan my year way ahead to be sure I go fishing, otherwise I will end up not having fished at all. So I roughly know at the start of the year when and where I go fishing, mostly abroad sessions in France, Belgium or the UK. And Im very fortunate to be able to fish very special places, which makes up for the lack of fishing time.

So remember; The journey is far more important than the destination!