Where angling is mostly considered a hobby by the majority of people foreign to our passion, to me, throughout the years it really has become a way of life. Nowadays, nearly all my spare time is built around fishing and holidays are always planned to suit the best possible times to be out on the bank. Although I’m well aware that there is much more in life then only fishing (something a lot of anglers tend to forget), I’m strongly convinced that my life wouldn’t be the same without it. Angling has taken me on some exciting adventures in France and Italy tackling large reservoirs and big rivers but also in my native country, Belgium, has seen me living my passion profoundly.

Unfortunately responsibilities at work and the workload that goes with these responsibilities  have in the recent years dictated a slight change of track so fishing gradually has become more focused on tackling waters in Belgium rather than venturing around Europe. Not that this is a punishment, far from a punishment really, I believe that our country holds a good stock of impressive fish to fish for. The same goes for the venues that we can fish since there is so much to choose from.  I don’t like fishing the same venues for years no end so I tend to travel a lot in order to fish different types of water which makes my time on the bank much more interesting. Whether it's big sandpits, canals, intimate gravel pits or inland seas and rivers, as long as I enjoy spending time trying to catch one, I’m willing to invest every possible minute being there.

The venues that generally draw my attention are those where surprises might still occur, venues that have a small stock of old scaly carp or those holding carp that not everyone has had in their hands. Places where carp remain nameless or don’t show traces of previous captures are the ones of particular interest. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer chasing special fish instead of just tempting to catch a big fish, although I don’t object when those two combine, now would I?! On my compass, the choice of venue is often indicated by an alternative direction than the one that the majority of carpers think is the true north. My angling and the way I experience it is a purely personal matter and can certainly never be leaded by some new hype where everyone rages about.

No matter where I’m fishing, regardless what I’m fishing for, every session spent on the bank makes me feel alive and I know that this is the life I so dearly enjoy. Watching the sun rise over a windswept pit makes me realize that my faith reflects much brighter in the flickering of the first rays of sun caressing the surface, making me think about the true meaning of life, finding peace of mind…