Junior Bays


Adjustable Children’s Sunglasses With UV Protection

Taking inspiration from our best selling Bays, the new Junior Bays are not only a stylish model but have been designed with a unique adjustable temple system that allows a perfect fit for all ages. Three key adjustments means these glasses will last the full length of their young angling adventures. There is no compromise on quality and we still use our signature lenses to provide the ultimate polarisation. UV400 protection & comes equipped with microfibre pouch case.

Available in Brown 247 lenses with Fire XBlok (JB001) or Green / Junglist lenses with Gold XBlok (JB002).
Check out our lens guide for more info.

Weight: 20g
Price: £14.99

*Only available through our recommended angling retailers.
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Measurement (mm)

Frame Width – 126
Nose Bridge – 15
Temple Length – 120-135 Adjustable!
Weight: 21g

Junior Bays: Adjustable Fishing Sunglasses for Kids

Perfect Fit with Unique Adjustable System

Introducing the Junior Bays, our specially designed fishing sunglasses for kids. Taking inspiration from our best-selling Bays, these sunglasses feature a unique adjustable temple system that ensures a perfect fit for all ages.

Comprehensive UV Protection

The Junior Bays offer UV400 protection, shielding your child’s eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. This makes them an essential accessory for any fishing trip, whether it’s a sunny day at the lake or a cloudy afternoon by the river.

Designed to Grow with Your Young Angler

With three key adjustments, the Junior Bays are designed to last throughout your child’s angling adventures. This means they won’t outgrow their sunglasses in a short time, making them a cost-effective choice for parents.

Ultimate Polarisation with Signature Lenses

But the Junior Bays aren’t just about fit and durability. These fishing sunglasses for kids also feature our signature lenses, providing the ultimate polarisation. This ensures clear vision, helping your young angler spot fish with ease and precision.

Comes with a Microfibre Pouch Case

Each pair of Junior Bays comes equipped with a microfibre pouch case. This not only provides a safe place to store the sunglasses when not in use but also doubles as a cleaning cloth, keeping the lenses smudge-free.

Why Choose Junior Bays for Your Child?

When it comes to fishing, having the right gear is crucial—even for kids. The Junior Bays offer the perfect balance of style, performance, and durability, making them the ideal choice for any young angler.

Invest in the Junior Bays today and give your child the gift of clear vision on their fishing adventures. With their adjustable design, high-quality lenses, and comprehensive UV protection, the Junior Bays are more than just sunglasses—they’re a tool that enhances your child’s fishing experience. See Deeper!

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