Techlite Sleeping Bags


A High Performance Sleeping Bag Pushing The Boundaries, For Unrivalled Warmth To Weight Ratio

The Fortis X Snugpak collaboration has created arguably the most eagerly awaited sleeping bag in carp fishing history. Snugpak, with their 30+ years of military sleeping bag experience, and Fortis, who have recently styled some of the most sort after winter clothing have joined together once again to bring to you the Techlite. See below for full specifications…

Warmth: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
Lightweight: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
Water Protection: 2.0 out of 5.0 stars
Breathability: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

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Price: DPM Standard & Compact £274.95 | Olive Standard & Compact: £269.95

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The Techlite STANDARD measures 95cm wide by 210cm long. Weight: 3kg
The Techlite COMPACT measures 80cm wide by 195cm. Weight: 2.47kg

The bag has been designed to fit the ‘Compact’ popular range of bedchairs like the Trakker Compact Levelite, Compact RLX6, Wychwood Compact Tactical and others.

Techlite: The High-Performance Sleeping Bag for Carp Angler’s

Unrivalled Warmth to Weight Ratio

Introducing the Fortis X Snugpak collaboration Techlite, arguably the most eagerly awaited sleeping bag in carp fishing history. With over 30 years of military sleeping bag experience, Snugpak and Fortis have come together to bring you a high-performance, lightweight, and incredibly warm sleeping bag that’s perfect for overnight angling.

Designed for Overnight Anglers

Handmade from start to finish in the UK, the Techlite sleeping bag boasts all the features of a traditional military bag but with tweaks made to suit the overnight angler. Unlike regular high-performance Snugpak bags, the Techlite is not a ‘mummy’ style shape and will attach to your bedchair, offering convenience and comfort for anglers.

Lightweight and Warm

Weighing in at only 3kg, the Techlite is the warmest to weight ratio bag on the fishing market. It contains the Snugpak Softie Premier® insulation, which has kept soldiers and climbers warm for decades. The Techlite features a removable top layer, which can be zipped back on when temperatures drop, providing warmth right through the most extreme winter conditions and giving the bag its 5 season rating.

Versatile and Compact

Whether used as a 3 or 5 season bag, the Techlite’s supreme pack down ability allows it to fold into any bedchair with ease. It also comes supplied in a compression sack if you prefer to keep things separate. The paratex micro fabric is highly breathable and windproof, ensuring you won’t sweat or feel any drafts.

Measurements and Weight

The Techlite STANDARD measures 95cm wide by 210cm long and weighs only 3kg. The Techlite COMPACT measures 80cm wide by 195cm and weighs 2.47kg.

Invest in the Techlite today and experience the ultimate in angling comfort. This best fishing sleeping bag is more than just an accessory—it’s a testament to your dedication to the sport.

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