Recce Umbrellas


Umbrellas Designed For Rapid Protection

Designed for the mobile angler, offering maximum protection on that initial hunt through inclement weather. This 30 inch umbrella comes in 2 styles:

Umbrella 1: A 2 layer umbrella, black on the outside, DPM on the inside.
Robust Frame to withstand extreme weather conditions
Fibreglass shaft

Ergonomic, non-slip handle

Umbrella 2: A single layer DPM umbrella with windproof canopy to help prevent inverting.
Subtle branding

Price: £34.99

Fortis Compact Recce Umbrella
Designed for the mobile angler the Fortis Compact RECCE™ Umbrella offers rapid protection for those unpredictable showers. This 23 inch single layer umbrella features:

Automatic Folding System
Ergonomic Button Handle & Carry Strap
Rib Length 58cm
Supersize Canopy with 104cm Span
Length Closed 33cm
Weight 435g
Price: £22.99

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Recce Brolly = 30 Inch
Recce Brolly Compact = 23 Inch

Recce Brolly: The Ultimate Fishing Umbrella for Rapid Protection

Designed for the Mobile Angler

Introducing the Recce Brolly, a fishing umbrella designed specifically for the mobile angler. Offering maximum protection during those initial hunts through inclement weather, this 30-inch umbrella is available in two styles to suit your angling needs.

Umbrella 1: Robust and Stylish

The first style of Recce Brolly is a two-layer umbrella, boasting a sleek black exterior and a DPM interior. It features a robust frame designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. With its fibreglass shaft and ergonomic, non-slip handle, you can comfortably use this fishing brolly in any weather.

Umbrella 2: Windproof and Subtle

The second style is a single-layer DPM umbrella with a windproof canopy to help prevent inverting. This style offers subtle branding for the angler who prefers a more understated look.

Fortis Compact Recce Umbrella: Lightweight and Convenient

We also offer the Fortis Compact Recce Umbrella, designed for the angler on the go. This 23-inch single-layer umbrella features an automatic folding system, ergonomic button handle, and carry strap. Its supersize canopy with 104cm span provides ample protection, and at only 435g, it’s lightweight enough to take anywhere.

Key Features of the Recce Brolly

  • Two styles: two-layer and single-layer
  • Robust frame and fibreglass shaft
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle
  • Windproof canopy (single-layer style)
  • Automatic folding system (compact style)

These carp fishing brollies are more than just an accessory, they make every fishing trip a comfortable and enjoyable experience, no matter the weather. Stay Drier!

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