Recce Umbrellas

Umbrellas Designed For Rapid Protection

Designed for the mobile angler, offering maximum protection on that initial hunt through inclement weather. This 30 inch umbrella comes in 2 styles:

Umbrella 1: A 2 layer umbrella, black on the outside, DPM on the inside.
Robust Frame to withstand extreme weather conditions
Fibreglass shaft

Ergonomic, non-slip handle

Umbrella 2: A single layer DPM umbrella with windproof canopy to help prevent inverting.
Subtle branding

Price: £34.99

Fortis Compact Recce Umbrella
Designed for the mobile angler the Fortis Compact RECCE™ Umbrella offers rapid protection for those unpredictable showers. This 23 inch single layer umbrella features:

Automatic Folding System
Ergonomic Button Handle & Carry Strap
Rib Length 58cm
Supersize Canopy with 104cm Span
Length Closed 33cm
Weight 435g
Price: £22.99

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