Sunglasses With A Wrap-Around Design For Full Peripheral Vision

The best selling Fortis Wraps fit perfectly around the face, totally eliminating unwanted light. Designed to block any penetrating light incorporating side lenses for total 180 degree peripheral vision.

Soft rubber inserts on the frame arms ensure these frames don’t slip off your head, whilst maximising comfort. A unique vent system at the top of the frame, increases airflow preventing mist/fog build up when pushing a barrow or climbing a tree to spot fish. The stylish matte black flexible lightweight frame means they can be worn all day long comfortably.

Our Switch technology (WR003) allows the lenses to darken substantially in response to UV light. These photochromic lenses adapt to any weather condition.

The Fortis Eyewear Wraps Bifocal +2.00 Polarised Sunglasses (WR004) allow angler’s not only perfect vision when fish spotting but also the ability to see items up close. This magnified segment enhances fidely jobs such as tying knots / flies or sharpening hooks. The +2.00 magnification essentially doubles the size of the objects you put in front of it.

Weight: 23g
Price: £24.99 | WR003 Switch £34.99 | WR004 Bifocal £44.99

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Measurement (mm)

Frame Width – 140
Nose Bridge – 21
Temple Length – 114
Weight: 23g

Wraps: The Perfect Wraparound Polarised Sunglasses for Fishing

Wrap around sunglasses that don’t costs the earth!

If you’re tired of dealing with unwanted side light, compromising your angling potential and damaging your eyes, Fortis Eyewear’s wraps are a must. Boasting a snug, wrap-around design that sits flush against your face, these fishing sunglasses support and enhance your peripheral vision with must-have side lenses. Therefore, any unwanted light is blocked out, giving you a completely unobstructed 180-degree view of the water.

For maximum comfort and minimal fuss, this style of fishing polarised glasses features soft rubber inserts on the frame to grip the skin and minimise movement. So, they’ll always sit in the ideal position, requiring zero adjustments mid-angling. There’s also a clever vent system at the top to prevent mist or fog when you’re gearing up for the perfect catch. And with a flexible, lightweight frame, our wrap-around fishing sunglasses undoubtedly support all-day wear.

Selecting Your Fishing Sunglasses Lenses.

Available in a range of lens colours with features to enhance your angling escapades, you’ll benefit from zero glare, maximum UV protection, and high visual clarity in the water. Our clever switch tech (WR003) means the lenses automatically darken in response to UV light. But it’s the new Polarised Bifocal +2.00 Magnification (WR004) lens that makes these fishing sunglasses one-of-a-kind. Designed to enhance your vision when fish spotting and make tying knots or sharpening hooks completely effortless, the magnification doubles everything in view for no-fuss fishing.

Why Choose Fortis Eyewear’s Sunglasses for Fishing?

Sunglasses are an angler’s essential. Yet there’s one thing almost every other brand on the market just hasn’t quite nailed – fashionable polarised sunglasses for fishing. So, we set out on a mission to make fishing sunglasses look cool, whilst incorporating incredible design elements to enhance performance and comfort on the water’s edge. The result is high street-ready eyewear that enables you to protect your eyes and see deeper into the water, making every angling adventure a successful one.

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