Andreas Tatzreiter is a Vienna based farmer boy, an agency head in the creative industry, an early-retired DJ and last but not least, a carp angling enthusiast who loves good vibes and great beats. His first short movie ‘Twilife’ caused quite a stir on the international angling scene. His social blog FISH IN MY POCKET is all about getting people interested & influenced in carp fishing, first and foremost. Always taking a closer look and exploring every bit of blue are the driving forces behind his obsession.

“When I’m out taking pictures of my water all I can think about is how bad I want to get there and fish. It’s not uncommon too see me snapping a few hurried pictures one moment and then head-plunged in the back of my car the next, rummaging for a rod. But when I’m out on the water (just me, my boat and an eternal horizon in front of me) I’m not thinking about anything else. In fact, I’m not sure that I’m thinking at all. And those are the places I’ve come to realize, where happiness dwell: in those moments where we’re not thinking but simply being. So much of it is about staying curious: to keep listening, to keep looking, to keep asking questions”.

Blog: www.fishinmypocket.com
Video ‘Twilife’: https://vimeo.com/fishinmypocket/twilife