One lens technology that stands out for its versatility is polarised photochromic sunglass lenses or as we call them our Switch lenses.

Polarised Photochromic Sunglass Lenses: The Versatile Choice for the Modern Angler

Adaptive Sunglass Lenses for Angler’s

As a modern angler, having the right eyewear is essential for optimal vision and eye protection on the water. One lens technology that stands out for its versatility is polarised photochromic sunglass lenses or as we call them our Switch lenses. Combining the benefits of polarisation and photochromic properties, these lenses adapt to changing light conditions, making them an ideal choice for anglers. In this blog post, we will explore the features and advantages of polarised photochromic sunglass lenses, highlighting why they are the most versatile option for the modern angler.

1. Polarisation: Glare Reduction and Enhanced Visual Clarity

Polarised lenses are designed to reduce glare, which is especially beneficial for anglers who spend hours under the sun. Here’s how polarised photochromic lenses enhance your angling experience:

– Glare Reduction: Polarisation filters out horizontal light waves, minimising glare reflecting off the water’s surface. This allows for improved visibility of fish, underwater structures, and potential hazards.

– Enhanced Visual Clarity: By reducing glare and scattered light, polarised lenses provide sharper and clearer vision, enabling you to spot subtle movements and details in the water.

2. Photochromic Properties: Adaptability to Changing Light Conditions

Photochromic sunglass lenses are engineered to automatically adjust their tint level based on the intensity of UV radiation. This adaptive feature offers numerous advantages to anglers:

– Versatile Lighting Conditions: Photochromic lenses seamlessly adapt to varying light conditions encountered during a day of angling, from bright sunlight to cloudy skies or shaded areas.

– Eye Protection: Photochromic lenses provide UV protection, shielding your eyes from harmful rays throughout the day.

– Convenience: The automatic tint adjustment eliminates the need to switch between multiple pairs of sunglasses or carry additional lenses, ensuring hassle-free angling.

3. Versatility for Fishing Environments

Polarised photochromic sunglass lenses are well-suited for various fishing environments and situations.

– Changing Light Conditions: From dawn to dusk, as well as during cloudy or overcast days, photochromic lenses adapt to the lighting changes, ensuring optimal vision throughout your angling adventure.


For the modern angler seeking versatility and performance in their eyewear, polarised photochromic sunglass lenses are the ultimate choice. Combining the glare reduction benefits of polarisation with the adaptability to changing light conditions provided by photochromic properties, these lenses offer enhanced visual clarity, eye protection, and convenience. Whether you’re fishing in bright sunlight, cloudy weather, or transitioning between different lighting environments, polarised photochromic lenses ensure you have optimal vision at all times. Check out our range of sunglasses that include this game changing Switch technology. https://fortiseyewear.co.uk/product-category/sunglasses/