What is a mirrored lens?

The Pros and Cons of Mirrored Coating on Polarised Fishing Sunglasses: Unveiling the Performance Differences in Purple, Blue, Red, Silver, and Gold

What is a Mirrored Coating?

Polarised fishing sunglasses are a must-have accessory for anglers, providing protection and enhanced vision on the water. Our XBlok mirrored coatings are a popular choice for these sunglasses, offering additional benefits. However, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of mirrored coatings and how different colours impact performance. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of mirrored coatings on polarised fishing sunglasses. We will specifically examine the performance differences among Purple, Blue, Red, Silver, and Gold XBlok coatings.

1. Purple XBlok Mirrored Coating:


– Enhanced Contrast: Purple mirrored coatings improve contrast, allowing you to spot fish and underwater objects more easily.

– Reduced Glare: The reflective nature of purple mirrors helps reduce glare from the water’s surface, providing a clearer view.


– Light Transmission: Purple mirrored coatings may slightly reduce overall light transmission, which could impact visibility in low light conditions.

2. Blue XBlok Mirrored Coating:


– Natural Colour Perception: Blue mirrored coatings maintain true colour perception, allowing you to see the water and surrounding environment as they appear.

– Reduced Eye Fatigue: Blue mirrors provide comfort and reduce eye fatigue during prolonged use.


– Limited Contrast Enhancement: Compared to other colours, blue mirrored coatings may offer slightly less contrast enhancement, making it a better choice for bright light conditions rather than low light scenarios.

3. Red XBlok Mirrored Coating:


– Increased Depth Perception: Red mirrored coatings enhance depth perception, aiding in judging distances and spatial awareness.

– Enhanced Contrast: Red mirrors improve contrast, making it easier to spot fish and underwater structures.


– Reduced Colour Perception: Red mirrored coatings may slightly alter colour perception, giving a warmer tint to the surroundings.

4. Silver XBlok Mirrored Coating:


– Versatile Performance: Silver mirrored coatings provide a versatile performance in various lighting conditions, offering a balance between colour perception and glare reduction.

– Reduced Eye Strain: Silver mirrors help reduce eye strain, allowing for comfortable and extended use on the water.


– Moderate Contrast Enhancement: While silver mirrored coatings enhance contrast, they may not provide the same level of contrast as some other colours.

5. Gold XBlok Mirrored Coating:


– Increased Visual Clarity: Gold mirrored coatings enhance visual clarity, providing a sharp and clear view of the underwater environment.

– Reduced Eye Fatigue: Gold mirrors reduce eye strain and fatigue, ensuring a comfortable angling experience.


– Limited Light Transmission: Gold mirrored coatings may reduce overall light transmission, potentially affecting visibility in low light conditions.


Mirrored coatings offer several advantages for polarised fishing sunglasses, including contrast enhancement, glare reduction, and improved visual comfort. When selecting a mirrored colour for your sunglasses, consider the specific conditions in which you fish and your personal preferences. Purple, blue, red, silver, and gold mirrored coatings all have their unique performance characteristics. Purple and blue provide enhanced contrast and reduced glare, while red offers improved depth perception. Silver offers versatile performance, and gold enhances visual clarity. However, it’s important to consider potential drawbacks, such as altered colour perception or reduced light transmission, when choosing a mirrored coating. By understanding the pros and cons of each colour, you can select the ideal mirrored coating that best suits your angling needs and ensures optimal vision and performance on the water.

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