A Universal Fit For Maximum Sports Performance

Our ‘go to’ sports design now features spring loaded hinges to accommodate all head sizes, rubber tips on the arms for maximum comfort. A refined frame design with an increased lens size for maximum coverage. Integrates our XBlok technology; a reflective surface coating that offers additional (or extra) glare block to enhance vision. These come in a protective case and lens cloth.

Lens description below in order of gallery pics:
BY011 – Brown Lens (no XBlok): Contrast definition.
BY012 – Brown Lens with Fire XBlok: All round protection.
BY013 – Brown Lens with Blue XBlok: Bright sunlight.
BY014 – Amber Lens with Silver XBlok: For low light.
BY015 – Green Lens (no XBlok): Natural vision.
BY016 – Amber Lens with Green XBlok: Increased contrast.
BY017 – Switch Lens: Photochromic lenses adapts to light.
BY018 – Rose Lens with Purple XBlok: Depth perception.
Check out our lens guide for more info.

Weight: 26g
Price: £34.99 | BY017 Switch £44.99

*Only available through our recommended angling retailers.
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Measurement (mm)

Frame Width – 142
Nose Bridge – 24
Temple Length – 128
Weight: 26g

Bays: Polarized Fishing Glasses for Maximum Performance

Designed for the Ultimate Sports Performance

Introducing the Bays, our specially designed polarized fishing glasses that deliver unparalleled sports performance. These sunglasses offer superior side coverage, making them an essential addition to your fishing gear.

Superior Side Light Elimination

The design of the Bays is not just about aesthetics but functionality too. The unique wrap angle is engineered to eliminate the ingress of side light, ensuring you have a clear, unobstructed view at all times.

Incredibly Lightweight and Robust Frames

What sets the Bays apart is their spring loaded hinge design for maximum comfort. This means you can enjoy your fishing adventures in perfect comfort.

XBlok Technology for Extra Glare Block

The Bays integrate our exclusive XBlok technology, a reflective surface coating that offers additional glare block. This enhances vision, allowing you to spot fish with ease and precision.

Why Choose Bays Polarized Fishing Glasses?

When it comes to fishing, the right eyewear can make all the difference. Our Bays glasses are more than just a protective accessory – they’re a tool that enhances your performance. With their excellent side coverage, lightweight design, and additional glare block, the Bays are the ultimate in polarized fishing glasses.

Invest in the Bays today and experience the difference that high-performance eyewear can make on your fishing adventures. Whether you’re a professional angler or a weekend hobbyist, the Bays are designed to enhance your performance and elevate your fishing experience. As always “See Deeper!”

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