Premium Frames For Durable Functionality

Introducing the brand new Hawkbill sunglasses. Cut from premium quality acetate for unrivalled strength with a rich depth of tone and colour. Reinforced metal frame structure and flush logo placement ooze attention to detail. (Dark HB001 or Light HB002). The Hawkbills integrate our Triple X Technology.

Hawkbill kit includes branded protective case, lanyard and micro fibre cleaning cloth to keep your glasses gleaming!
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Weight: 33g
Price: £74.99

*Only available through our recommended angling retailers.
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Used in our Hawkbill collection, cellulose acetate is a plant-based plastic made from wood fibres & natural cotton. This hypoallergenic acetate is strong, lightweight and fairly flexible. Cellulose acetate also has the widest range for transparency with rich colours and finishes.

Cellulose acetate is a non-petroleum based plastic. While petroleum products can be more expensive and harmful to the environment, acetate is made from renewable materials. Our Hawkbill sunglasses are made by forming layers of cellulose acetate plastic into large blocks. They are then lovingly sliced into individual pieces, hand polished and finally assembled into a frame. Packed in the UK by our quality control team to ensure every pair is perfect.

Utilising our best selling 247 Brown lens providing excellent contrast definition. Our Triple X Lenses use a patented Ultra Slim Injection process to ensure high optical precision, extreme clarity & paramount protection
Triple X lenses are designed to provide:
eXtra Clarity
eXtra Definition
eXtra Protection

The eXtra Clarity is achieved through our ultra thin lenses, whilst maintaining high optical precision. The thinner the lens, the less distortion!

The eXtra Definition is achieved through our carefully selected contrast enhancement colours. Our injection process allows us to refine the lens colours, helping eliminate blue light aiding a more “natural vision”.

The eXtra Protection – Paramount protection – The prime function of total protection against UV A, B and C is guaranteed.


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