A Performance Model With Sleek Features

The Fortis Eyewear Strokes polarised sunglasses with their contemporary design in a classic tortoise shell finish. For the modern day “stroke” puller on those covert operations. Without a doubt the most stylish model in the range.

Available in Brown 247 lenses (ST001), Amber AMPM lenses (ST002) & Switch lenses (ST003).
Check out our lens guide for more info.

Weight: 25g
Price: £29.99 | Switch £39.99

*Only available through our recommended angling retailers.
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Measurement (mm)

Frame Width – 136
Nose Bridge – 26
Temple Length – 132
Weight: 25g

Strokes: Fashionable Fishing Sunglasses by Fortis Eyewear

A Sleek Fusion of Style and Performance

Introducing the Strokes, our most stylish model in the range. These cool fishing sunglasses are a perfect blend of contemporary design and performance, specially crafted for the modern-day angler.

Contemporary Design with Classic Touches

The Strokes polarised sunglasses feature a modern design with a classic tortoise shell finish. This unique combination ensures you stand out from the crowd while enjoying the benefits of high-performance eyewear.

Designed for the Modern Angler

These sunglasses are made for today’s “stroke” puller on covert operations. Whether you’re out on the water or navigating through the city, the Strokes offer a fashionable option that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

High-Performance Features

But the Strokes aren’t just about looks. They’re packed with features that make them an ideal choice for any angler. With polarised lenses, they reduce glare and provide clear vision, enhancing your fishing experience.

Why Choose Strokes?

When it comes to fishing, having the right gear is essential. And that includes your sunglasses. The Strokes offer a perfect balance of style and performance, making them a must-have accessory for any serious angler.

Invest in the Strokes today and experience the difference that fashionable, high-performing sunglasses can make on your fishing adventures. With their sleek design, they’re more than just sunglasses—they’re a statement. Stand out from the crowd with the Strokes, the coolest fishing sunglasses on the market. See Deeper!

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