Fortis Fishing Trousers

Angling Specific Shorts & Fishing Trousers

We’ve been asked to design some “proper” fishing trousers and shorts for fishing for years, so that’s exactly what we’ve done! Packed with technical features from the fabric, to the cut and the fit… there is NOTHING like these on the market.

The robust breathable trail pant (fishing trousers) and fishing shorts combine performance, comfort and weather resistance. Our lightweight ripstop is tough and durable to combat brambles whilst including stretch and softness for their relaxed fit.  Built with articulated patterningdarted knees and a gusseted crotch, they give a full increased range of movement whether scaling a tree, walking the lake or crouching down with your prize. They are water repellent to protect legs from morning dew in long grass or an unexpected shower. The four zippered pockets keep your essentials safe and secure. 

A History of Fishing Trousers

There has always been a distinct lack of premium technical clothing designed for anglers in the fishing industry. As a brand we try to source the very finest fabrics and always look for technical performance & premium materials, whether it be a water repellent finish, super durable ripstop or high quality zip. Fishing trousers have typically always been low quality jogging bottoms or “off the peg” combat trousers with no real purpose or technical features that anglers require. At Fortis we try to understand the most important features in each garment and go above and beyond in the pursuit of the highest quality technical clothing.

The new Fortis Elements Trail Pants are Trousers designed to have all the movement and more of a pair of joggers yet combine the technical performance of a pair of combat fishing trousers.

Features include:

·     218gm/m2 Stretch Ripstop 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane

·     Articulated Fit & Crotch Gusset

·     Reinforced Knees

·     Elasticated Waist & Hem

·     Integrated adjustable webbing belt

·     DWR (durable water repellent) finish

Check out our full range of angling clothing including fishing shorts, fishing trousers, thermal fishing clothing and more here: https://fortiseyewear.co.uk/product-category/clothing/

Fishing Joggers

In Carp fishings infancy there were no fishing trousers and in an era where jeans were the norm, a change was coming. As the revolution in angling shelters enabled more comfort on the bank, the rise of the fishing joggers soon came to fruition. Although carp fishing joggers are supreme in their comfort, they barely perform when up against the elements, even a light drizzle would leave the angler sodden with a weighty cotton bundle round their ankles!

Fishing Combats

The next phase in the evolution of the fishing trouser came the classic fishing combats and although these fishing trousers were designed more for the outdoors, the cut, fit and gazillion pockets made them far from comfortable. Add to this the lack of purpose built belts to accompany them and it really starts to show that there was room for improvement.

Fortis Fishing Clothing – Elements Trail Pant Trousers

Enter the next generation of carp fishing trousers… the Fortis Trousers. As part of the Elements Range, these built for purpose fishing trousers aptly named the Fortis Trail Pants. With movement a key principle in their concept, these fishing trousers are far from your ordinary. Designed for tireless searching of big carp, these trousers are like no other! THESE ARE NOT FISHING COMBATS!!!