Fortis Eyewear NEW Isolator Polarised Fishing Sunglasses

Polarised Sunglasses Designed Specifically for Angling – Fortis Eyewear Isolators

Introducing the ISOLATORS, sunglasses designed specifically for angling. As dedicated to finding fish as you are! Out & out fish spotting weapons. Eye jackets with integrated air flow to ensure your target is isolated providing unrivalled viewing.

Furnished with our best selling & highly acclaimed AMPM Amber lenses. The ultimate lens for highlighting subtle signs of fish. Bendable arms allow the sunglasses to be tailored to the users head shape virtually eliminating lost glasses. Case & Cloth inc.

Sunglasses designed with one thing in mind and that is fish spotting! The eye jackets provide unrivalled coverage from unwanted side light. This is particularly important when fishing as it allows you to climb trees without the need to use your arms to shield interfering light.

Light travels in all directions but it is the glare that really stops anglers from seeing fish in the water. Our amber polarised sunglasses designed for angling are THE best for letting in as much light as possible. Searching for fish can often be hindered by dappled light and dark snaggy areas where the fish like to hide. To locate these fish you need all the advantages you can get.

We have specifically designed the arms to be fully flexible. This allows the arms on our sunglasses to be tailored to the contours of the head and help eliminate sunglasses from falling off your head.

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To see our amazing Isolators in all their glory, Sunglasses Designed Specifically for Angling, visit the products page here: https://fortiseyewear.co.uk/product/isolators/