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Polarised Sunglasses

We join Carp Angler & fishing instructor Scott Lloyd to discuss what it takes to catch fish and why fishing sunglasses work.

“I always wear a pair of polarised sunglasses therefore I insist on my clients doing the same. Polarised sunglasses are “essential” pieces of angling equipment.

The key elements for locating fish are my eyes. I know that one speaks for itself but your eyes are going to tell you everything. That’s one of your main senses and a good set of polarised sunglasses will help you find more fish. The sunglasses I use are Fortis ones and for me it’s all about the amber lenses because if the weather conditions are dull, the water is choppy or if the sun intermittent this is where the amber lenses really come into play! They brighten up that water column, I say they make a dull day bright.

It could be a sunny day and I’ll step into a dark bushy area and you can’t see down into the water. If you put on dark lenses, in a dark area, you will totally void that water column. Using the amber lenses you’re really going to brighten it up. You might just see a shadow or a shape of a fish go over a spot and that’s enough. Everything I see, everything I find is building up to something. I’m putting it into my mental plan of how to catch a particular fish.”

For the full interview and tips on fishing sunglasses check out the Cypography website for loads of angling videos. https://www.carp-tv.com/home

Fishing Sunglasses Explained in Detail

We hope you have found this news piece on fishing sunglasses useful and look forward to explaining in more detail how fishing sunglasses work in future posts. For now please refer to our products page to see the full range of Fortis sunglasses and learn more about our lens technologies. Alternatively you can watch our “How do Polarised Sunglasses Work?” video below.

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