Fortis Eyewear Carp Fishing Clothing

A Carp Fishing Clothing Guide

Which Carp Fishing Clothing?

With so many fishing brands out there these days it can be difficult to know which carp fishing clothing brand is any good. In this guide we aim to explain subjects like; which fishing jacket? Which waterproof fishing jacket? and so on…

Here at Fortis we have always aimed for the highest quality performance angling clothing. If there is one piece of angling equipment you don’t want to let you down, it’s your clothing. Our angling apparel has been designed and built with the outdoor elements in mind. From extremely cold temperatures to monsoon type rain, our garments are built to without the worst Mother Nature can throw at us!

Why Fortis Clothing for Carp Fishing?

So let us investigate why Fortis clothing is so good for Carp Fishing. Firstly, each garment is manufactured for a specific purpose. If we are going to make an insulated jacket, it has to be the best insulated jacket. After years of being let down by “off the peg” angling jackets from other brands, we decided to look further a field to ensure we produced the best angling jacket on the market. With this in mind we soon remembered a well established British brand called Snugpak, who provide insulated garments and sleeping bags to the military. Not only did the UK manufacturing, which is synonomus with quality, appeal to us but also the effectiveness of the insulation used. This fabric was super light weight and very efficient at keeping warmth in. Take a look at our Clothing Guide page for more details on all the fabrics we use here: https://fortiseyewear.co.uk/clothing-guide/

As opposed to other angling brands who merely “repackage” existing products our ethos has always been to innovate never imitate and We have taken our time to source the best fabrics from the best textile manufacturers and then worked with some elite garment manufacturers to create truly unique and iconic fishing clothing. Not content with just your average, we have looked to increase both quality and performance at every step! This can be seen in both our FJ6 Jacket and Waterproof garments. The designs are sleek and minimal and prioritise function and performance so you stay warmer, dryer and more comfortable than ever before.

Fortis Fishing Clothing

Fortis Fishing Clothing is uniquely designed and throughly thought out angling clothing. We dedicate our time and energy into sourcing the very highest quality fabrics from all over the globe. Premium Technical Clothing to combat the elements, from rain & snow to the baking sun, here at Fortis Fishing Clothing we’ve got you covered. From the angling beginner to the most advanced big carp anglers.

Attention to Detail

As with our eyewear, our range of Fortis fishing clothing boasts lots of unique features, from our T-Shirts with Air Vents, Fishing Hats with elasticated eyewear retainers to our high wicking Elements Base Layers and performance Thermal Socks.

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