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The Essential Gear for Fly Fishing: Understanding the Importance of Polarised Fishing Sunglasses

Why Fortis Fly Fishing Sunglasses?

Although our roots were laid in the Coarse and Carp Angling sectors, we have always held a deep passion for Sport & Game Fishing, from Lure & Predator fishing to Fly Fishing for Trout & Salmon. Fortis Eyewear Fly Fishing Sunglasses have been designed to combat all angling situations, whether fishing in low light at dawn / dusk or in bright sunlight through the heat of the day. Fortis Eyewear produce the best fishing sunglasses by incorporating high quality Polarised lenses that cut out the glare and allow you to See Deeper into the water to locate and catch fish.

Fly Fishing requires the highest level of water craft and skill, with fish spotting at the heart of this discipline. Locating Trout & Salmon whether on small streams or huge reservoirs requires the very best in performance sunglasses. Whether you are looking for value for money in our Wraps or extreme clarity in our Vistas, you can be sure Fortis Eyewear will deliver.

One vital piece of equipment that should never be overlooked is a pair of polarised fishing sunglasses. In this blog post, we will delve into the specific importance of polarised fly fishing sunglasses, highlighting the benefits they offer and why they should be an essential part of your fly fishing gear.

  1. Enhanced Visibility in Water:
    Fly fishing often involves standing in shallow water and casting your line to target specific fish species. Polarised fishing sunglasses play a crucial role in providing enhanced visibility beneath the water’s surface. By cutting through the surface glare caused by sunlight reflecting off the water, these sunglasses allow you to spot fish, observe their behavior, and identify underwater structures with remarkable clarity. This heightened visibility is invaluable for accurate casting and presenting your fly in the perfect position.
  2. Precise Fly Presentation:
    Presentation is key in fly fishing, as the goal is to mimic the natural movements of insects or other aquatic creatures. Polarised fishing sunglasses enable you to see the subtle nuances of your fly as it dances on the water’s surface or drifts in the currents. With a clear view of your fly, you can make precise adjustments to your casting and retrieve techniques, ensuring an authentic and enticing presentation that entices even the most discerning fish.
  3. Safety and Protection:
    Fly fishing often takes place in beautiful and remote locations, exposing anglers to various elements. Polarised fishing sunglasses not only offer protection against harmful UV rays but also shield your eyes from potential hazards.
  4. Eye Strain and Fatigue Reduction:
    Long hours spent casting and scanning the water can strain your eyes, causing fatigue and diminishing your overall fishing performance. Polarised fishing sunglasses reduce eye strain by minimising the intense glare and harsh sunlight that can cause squinting and discomfort. By alleviating eye fatigue, these sunglasses enable you to stay focused, maintain your concentration, and extend your fishing sessions without compromising your visual acuity.

For fly fishing enthusiasts, polarised fishing sunglasses are an indispensable piece of gear that significantly enhances their angling experience. From improved visibility and precise fly presentation to safety, eye protection, and reduced eye strain, these sunglasses offer a range of benefits tailored specifically to the unique demands of fly fishing. Invest in a quality pair of polarised fishing sunglasses, and witness the transformation in your ability to spot fish, make accurate casts, and immerse yourself in the artistry of this captivating angling technique.